oVirt 4.5.2 Release Notes

The oVirt Project is pleased to announce the availability of the 4.5.2 release as of August 10, 2022.

oVirt is a free open-source distributed virtualization solution, designed to manage your entire enterprise infrastructure. oVirt uses the trusted KVM hypervisor and is built upon several other community projects, including libvirt, Gluster, PatternFly, and Ansible.

This release is available now for CentOS Stream 8 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.6 (or similar).

To find out how to interact with oVirt developers and users and ask questions, visit our community page. All issues or bugs should be reported via Red Hat Bugzilla.

If you’d like to try oVirt as quickly as possible, follow the instructions on the Download page.

For complete installation, administration, and usage instructions, see the oVirt Documentation.

For a general overview of oVirt, read the About oVirt page.

To learn about features introduced before 4.5.2, see the release notes for previous versions.

IMPORTANT If you are going to install on RHEL 8.6 or derivatives please follow Installing on RHEL first.

  1. oVirt 4.5.2 Release Notes
    1. What’s New in 4.5.2?
      1. Release Note
        1. oVirt Engine
      2. Enhancements
        1. VDSM
      3. Bug Fixes
        1. VDSM
        2. oVirt Hosted Engine Setup
        3. oVirt Engine
        4. oVirt Engine Data Warehouse
      4. Other
        1. VDSM
        2. oVirt Cockpit Plugin
        3. MOM
        4. oVirt Engine UI Extensions
        5. oVirt Engine
        6. oVirt Engine API Model
      5. No Doc Update
        1. VDSM
        2. oVirt Engine
        3. oVirt Engine API Model
    2. Also includes
      1. Release Note
        1. ovirt-ansible-collection
        2. ovirt-engine-extension-aaa-ldap
        3. oVirt Engine
        4. openvswitch
      2. Enhancements
        1. otopi
      3. Rebase: Bug Fixeses and Enhancementss
        1. ovirt-distribution
      4. Bug Fixes
        1. ovirt-log-collector
        2. oVirt Engine
      5. Other
        1. oVirt Engine
        2. ovirt-ansible-collection
        3. ovirt-release
      6. No Doc Update
        1. ovirt-ansible-collection
        2. VDSM
        3. oVirt Engine
        4. otopi
        5. redhat-release-virtualization-host
      7. Contributors

What’s New in 4.5.2?

Release Note

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 2107250 Upgrade of the host failed as the oVirt 4.3 hypervisor is based on RHEL 7 with openssl 1.0.z, but oVirt Engine 4.4 uses the openssl 1.1.z syntax

    Process to check certificate validity has been changed to be compatible with both RHEL 8 and RHEL 7 based hypervisors

  • BZ 2097560 Warning when ovsdb-server certificates are about to expire(engine certificate)

    Expiration of ovirt-provider-ovn certificate is now checked regularly along with other oVirt certificates (such as engine CA, engine or hypervisors) and if ovirt-provider-ovn is going to expire or already expired, the warning or alert is being raised into audit log. To renew ovirt-provider-ovn certificate administators need to run engine-setup.

    If your ovirt-provider-ovn certificate expires on previous oVirt version, please upgrade to oVirt 4.5 batch 2 or newer, and ovirt-provider-ovn certificate will be renewed automatically as a part of engine-setup

  • BZ 2104408 /var/cache/dnf fills up and will cause upgrades to fail

    yum cache is now cleared always before upgrading a host to minimize issues with filling up available space in /var/tmp

  • BZ 2090645 Host stuck in state ‘Connecting’ when certificates expire

    Host should move to NonResposive status when VDSM certificate expires.

  • BZ 2096523 Failed to run “Check for Upgrade”

    It’s now possible to install and upgrade hypervisors using non-standard SSH port



  • BZ 1793207 [RFE] Notify if multipath User Friendly Names are used

    Feature: Protect users from using wrong multipath configuration by parsing the configuration in vdsm-tool, look for user_friendly_names setting occurrences, and print a warning if enabled. Reason: It is not supported to use multipath User Friendly Names(UFN) on oVirt hosts, but it is not enforced either. It may cause corruption in block SDs if a host is running with UFN enabled. Result: $ vdsm-tool is-configured –module multipath WARNING: Invalid configuration: ‘user_friendly_names’ is enabled in multipath configuration: section1 { key1 value1 user_friendly_names yes key2 value2 } section2 { user_friendly_names yes } This configuration is not supported and may lead to storage domain corruption.

Bug Fixes


  • BZ 2103582 Failed to delete the second snapshot when deleting two snapshots of a running VM

oVirt Hosted Engine Setup

  • BZ 2105781 hosted-engine –clean-metadata fails because ovirt-ha-agent has changed location

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 2097558 Renew ovirt-provider-ovn.cer certificates during engine-setup
  • BZ 1853924 Fails to import template as OVA from the given configuration if the VM is not removed
  • BZ 1955388 Auto Pinning Policy only pins some of the vCPUs on a single NUMA host
  • BZ 1257644 Starting VM with snapshot with memory conflicts with later VM properties changes
  • BZ 2104115 oVirt 4.5 cannot import VMs with cpu pinning
  • BZ 2096862 Certificate Warn period and automatic renewal via engine-setup do not match
  • BZ 2097725 Certificate Warn period and automatic renewal via engine-setup do not match

oVirt Engine Data Warehouse

  • BZ 2113980 engine-setup on a separate machine fails with: ‘Plugin’ object has no attribute ‘_remote_engine’



  • BZ 2000046 Switch virdomain to virdomain.Disconnected when VM is shut down
  • BZ 2099321 Migration failure with “‘IndexError’ object is not iterable” error in ppc arch
  • BZ 2097614 Host goes to non-operational due to 15 - session exists error

oVirt Cockpit Plugin

  • BZ 2106419 Hosted Engine deployment fails with error ‘he_admin_username’ is undefined


  • BZ 1720976 [logging] limit getAllVmIoTunePolicies

oVirt Engine UI Extensions

  • BZ 2108612 oVirt Dashboard - Top Utilized Resources CPU dialog - percentage values are invalid (larger than 100%)

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 2018796 I/O operations/sec reporting wrong values
  • BZ 2077666 Block copy image from local storage domain to Lightbits Labs MBS
  • BZ 2104806 Moving a compressed qcow to a block storage domain fails
  • BZ 1912911 VM doesn’t start again when reboot on a powering up vm with next-run configuration
  • BZ 2097717 Hot set of CPUs for dedicated VM must be blocked in UI
  • BZ 2111088 hotplug CPU error has been brought upon dedicated VM shutting down
  • BZ 2079903 Engine should not allow duplicate connection entries in DB which causes hosts move to ‘Non-Operationl state
  • BZ 2106349 VM pool creation with SPICE display type from a template with VNC display type sets the pool’s display type to VNC
  • BZ 2104858 CPU topology of the host has not been retrieved while first query VdsManager::initAvailableCpus()
  • BZ 2067104 NullPointerException while attempt to add a host using wrong affinity group ID
  • BZ 1991622 Creating conflicting Affinity Groups brings a message to user with VM Ids instead of names
  • BZ 2074525 Misleading validation error (related to static&dynamic cpus conf) when nothing is changed in VM Edit window
  • BZ 2108012 Disk convert from sparse to preallocated doesn’t work
  • BZ 2056950 VM with pinning policy=resize-and-pin should not start on NUMA-less hosts
  • BZ 2101503 Incorrect usage number in VDS_HIGH_MEM_USE warning
  • BZ 2104597 Error when importing templates from export domains
  • BZ 2108000 Moving a host with no running VMs to maintenance triggers an error on the client side
  • BZ 2100444 Blank template - Disable ‘New’ button for the Network Interfaces sub tab
  • BZ 2095215 Uploading disk with same ID causes sql errors and locked disk
  • BZ 2079361 Cluster upgrade fails with: Problem following ‘gluster_volumes’ link in Clusters entity.
  • BZ 1789389 “Internal Engine error” appears when using legacy affinity labels
  • BZ 2038694 [RFE] Replace vga with virtio-vga
  • BZ 2103620 isolate_thread VM configured with correct topology that must fit the host can’t start
  • BZ 2094729 Cluster Compatibility Version upgrade break VM’s with pending next config
  • BZ 2099225 Numa number configuration setting is unexpectedly reverted.
  • BZ 2097314 [MBS] - Need to change popup message “Managed Block Storage is not supporting this operation.”
  • BZ 2081546 Disk Allocation has unaligned and empty option with no caption in resource allocation in clone vm dialog
  • BZ 2086561 Convert from Preallocated to Sparse doesn’t change the actual disks’ size
  • BZ 2018412 Deleting a Quota shows an UNKNOWN value in the Events log
  • BZ 2093954 Engine certificate alert, no option to update offered by engine-setup
  • BZ 2076053 Console disconnect action delay field in the database is set to the type smallint while from UI and REST the field type is integer
  • BZ 1915029 [VEEAM] Check incremental backup by default when creating a new disk
  • BZ 1904962 Can’t import guest from VMware on rhv4.4 GUI if guest disk has special character

oVirt Engine API Model

  • BZ 2106349 VM pool creation with SPICE display type from a template with VNC display type sets the pool’s display type to VNC

No Doc Update


  • BZ 2102678 vdsmd uses ~ 100% cpu on HostedEngine VM start and stop

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 2016341 Allocating VM from a Pool shows popup with UNKNOWN values
  • BZ 2084530 Vm vnic with port-mirroring hot-plug succeeds but is not reported in oVirt DB for over 60 sec
  • BZ 1939284 clusterPolicyWeightFunctionInfo tooltip needs improvement in relation to Rank Selector policy unit.
  • BZ 2100417 Improve error message for timeout deploy error.

oVirt Engine API Model

  • BZ 1974974 Not possible to determine migration policy from the API, even though documentation reports that it can be done.

Also includes

Release Note


  • BZ 2049286 when upgrading all hosts in cluster, all pinned VMs are stopped, even on hosts that are skipped.

    cluster_upgrade role in ovirt-ansible-collection 2.0.0 contains a fix, that only VMs pinned to hosts, which are selected to be upgraded during cluster upgrade, are stopped during the cluster upgrade. VMs pinned to other hosts (not selected for upgrade) are left untouched

  • BZ 2100420 [RFE] Support Satellite registration in ovirt.repositories role with username/password

    We have added new parameters for Satellite support in the ansible repositories role. Main parameters which were added: ovirt_repositories_org - The org ID which should be used from Satellite ovirt_repositories_activationkey - Activation key which will be used with the org. ovirt_repositories_ca_rpm_url - The URL to install Satellite CA.
    ovirt_repositories_rhsm_environment - To set up the host with Satellite using username/password and choose which environment to use.

  • BZ 2101481 abrt was removed in RHEL 8.6 and causes HE deployments to fail it upgraded from RHEL 8.5 and earlier.

    Upgrade from previous oVirt versions, which used abrt to handle core dumps, to oVirt 4.5 batch 1, which uses systemd core dump, was fixed.


  • BZ 2068741 [RFE] Update dependency on UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java to 6.0.4

    unboundid-ldapsdk >= 6.0.4 is now required for ovirt-engine-extension-aaa-ldap

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 2101474 Keycloak Administration Console URL should be displayed at the end of engine-setup along with webadmin URL when bundled Keycloak integration is enabled

    There are now displayed Keycloak related information at the end of engine-setup summary, such as administrator username and Keycloak administration console URL.


  • BZ 2113068 oVirt 4.5+ logrotate fails for ovn due to incorrect permissions of /var/log/ovn

    During upgrade of OVS/OVN 2.11 to OVS 2.15/OVN 2021 we are now updating permissions correctly for /var/log/ovn directory



  • BZ 2095135 [RFE] Wrap notes with long lines more nicely

    otopi based tools will display long lines in a nicer way when executed in smaller console windows.

Rebase: Bug Fixeses and Enhancementss


  • BZ 2068740 [RFE] Rebase on UnboundID LDAP SDK for Java 6.0.4

    UnboundID LDAP SDK has been rebased on upstream version 6.0.4. Please review for changes since version 4.0.14

Bug Fixes


  • BZ 2081676 –log-size option does not limit the size of the logs from the hypervisor

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 2109923 Error when importing templates in Admin portal


oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1677500 [RFE] Concurrent read of template VM disks fails due to disk lock
  • BZ 2021123 ovirt-engine-ui-extensions fails to build on c9s
  • BZ 2077649 Block image transfer to/from Managed Block Storage domain
  • BZ 2079351 VDSErrorException while migrating a dedicated VM which is part of positive enforcing affinity rule
  • BZ 2107985 Live migration of disk cause a database error (engine won’t start anymore)


  • BZ 2036613 Cluster upgrade not sequential and marked as completed to early
  • BZ 2084235 Misleading error when using the name of existing storage domain in ansible ovirt_storage_domain module
  • BZ 2097332 Fix ansible-lint 6.0.0 for disaster_recovery and remove_stale_lun


  • BZ 2100002 Updating ovirt-node installs old ovirt-node-ng-image-update-placeholder

No Doc Update


  • BZ 2016638 Document that “vm_name” parameter should be specified for Ansible “ovirt_disk” extend attached disk flow
  • BZ 2097333 Fix ansible-lint 6.0.0 for hosted_engine_setup and shutdown_env
  • BZ 2102616 Cluster upgrade not sequential and marked as completed too early
  • BZ 2107063 [HE] ansible-role is calling ovn-config without specifying the host FQDN


  • BZ 2084171 [c9s] failing to setup network
  • BZ 2108974 Regression with bridge_opts while setting priority parameter via oVirt - ‘priority is not a valid nmstate bridge option’(code revert)

oVirt Engine



  • BZ 2109393 Upgrade redhat-release-virtualization-host to 4.5.2


113 people contributed to this release:

Ahmad Khiet (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Ala Hino (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Albert Esteve (Contributed to: ovirt-imageio, vdsm)
Aleksei Slaikovskii (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Alexey Slaykovsky (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Aleš Musil (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Allon Mureinik (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-metamodel, ovirt-engine-api-model)
Alona Kaplan (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Amit Aviram (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Andrej Cernek (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Andrej Krejcir (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Arik Hadas (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-api-model)
ArtiomDivak (Contributed to: ovirt-engine)
Artur Socha (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-api-model, ovirt-engine-keycloak, vdsm-jsonrpc-java)
Asaf Rachmani (Contributed to: cockpit-ovirt, ovirt-hosted-engine-setup)
Avital Pinnick (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Aviv Litman (Contributed to: ovirt-dwh)
Benny Zlotnik (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-api-model, python-ovirt-engine-sdk4)
Bohdan Iakymets (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Byron Gravenorst (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Dana Elfassy (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-api-model)
Daniel Erez (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
David Caro (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-metamodel, ovirt-engine-api-model)
Dax Kelson (Contributed to: cockpit-ovirt)
Denis Chaplygin (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Dominik Holler (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Donna DaCosta (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Eitan Raviv (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-api-model, vdsm)
Eli Marcus (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Eli Mesika (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Eyal Shenitzky (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-metamodel, ovirt-engine-api-model, python-ovirt-engine-sdk4)
Fedor Gavrilov (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Fred Rolland (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Harel Braha (Contributed to: vdsm)
Idan Shaby (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-metamodel, ovirt-engine-api-model)
Irit Goihman (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Jakub Niedermertl (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-metamodel, ovirt-engine-api-model)
Jean-Louis Dupond (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-api-model)
Jenny Tokar (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Joey Ma (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Juan Hernandez (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-metamodel, ovirt-engine-api-model)
Julien Wang (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Karthikeyan Singaravelan (Contributed to: mom)
Leon Goldberg (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Lev Veyde (Contributed to: ovirt-hosted-engine-setup)
Liran Rotenberg (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-api-model)
Liron Aravot (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-metamodel, ovirt-engine-api-model)
Lucia Jelinkova (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-api-model, ovirt-engine-ui-extensions)
Lucy Bopf (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Lukas Svaty (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Lukianov Artyom (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Maor Lipchuk (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Marcin Mirecki (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Marcin Sobczyk (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, vdsm)
Marek Libra (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Mark Kemel (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-api-model)
Martin Betak (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Martin Mucha (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Martin Nečas (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-api-model, python-ovirt-engine-sdk4)
Martin Perina (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-api-metamodel, ovirt-engine-api-model, python-ovirt-engine-sdk4, vdsm-jsonrpc-java)
Martin Sivak (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Megan Lewis (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Michal Skrivanek (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-api-model)
Miguel Duarte Barroso (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Milan Zamazal (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-api-model, vdsm)
Miroslava Voglova (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Mor Kalfon (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Moshe Sheena (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Moti Asayag (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Nir Soffer (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model, ovirt-imageio, python-ovirt-engine-sdk4, vdsm)
Ondra Machacek (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-metamodel, ovirt-engine-api-model)
Ori Ben Sasson (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Ori Liel (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-api-metamodel, ovirt-engine-api-model, python-ovirt-engine-sdk4)
Oved Ourfali (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Pavel Bar (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-api-model, python-ovirt-engine-sdk4)
Petr Horáček (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Phillip Bailey (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Piotr Kliczewski (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Radoslaw Szwajkowski (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-api-model, ovirt-web-ui)
Ramesh Nachimuthu (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Ravi Nori (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Ritesh Chikatwar (Contributed to: cockpit-ovirt, ovirt-engine-api-model)
Roman Mohr (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Roy Golan (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Sahina Bose (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Saif Abu Saleh (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model, python-ovirt-engine-sdk4)
Sandro Bonazzola (Contributed to: cockpit-ovirt, mom, ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-api-model, python-ovirt-engine-sdk4, vdsm-jsonrpc-java)
Scott J Dickerson (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-api-model, ovirt-engine-nodejs-modules, ovirt-engine-ui-extensions, ovirt-web-ui)
Shahar Havivi (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Shani Leviim (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-api-metamodel, ovirt-engine-api-model, python-ovirt-engine-sdk4)
Sharon Gratch (Contributed to: cockpit-ovirt, ovirt-engine-api-model, ovirt-engine-nodejs-modules, ovirt-engine-ui-extensions, ovirt-web-ui)
Shmuel Leib Melamud (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-api-model)
Shmuel Melamud (Contributed to: ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-api-model)
Shubham Dubey (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Slitmano (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
StLuke (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Steve Goodman (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Steven Rosenberg (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Tahlia Richardson (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Tal Nisan (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Tomas Jelinek (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Tomáš Golembiovský (Contributed to: mom, ovirt-engine, ovirt-engine-api-model, vdsm)
Vered Volansky (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Viktor Mihajlovski (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Vinzenz Feenstra (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Vojtěch Juránek (Contributed to: vdsm)
Yanir Quinn (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Yaniv Bronhaim (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
Yedidyah Bar David (Contributed to: ovirt-dwh, ovirt-engine, vdsm)
Yevgeny Zaspitsky (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
borod108 (Contributed to: ovirt-engine-api-model)
rob (Contributed to: python-ovirt-engine-sdk4)
rokkbert (Contributed to: vdsm)