oVirt 4.4.0 Release Notes

The oVirt Project is pleased to announce the availability of the 4.4.0 First Alpha release as of December 13, 2019.

oVirt is a free open-source distributed virtualization solution, designed to manage your entire enterprise infrastructure. oVirt uses the trusted KVM hypervisor and is built upon several other community projects, including libvirt, Gluster, PatternFly, and Ansible.

This release is available now for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7 and CentOS Linux 7.7 (or similar).

To find out how to interact with oVirt developers and users and ask questions, visit our [community page]”(/community/). All issues or bugs should be reported via Red Hat Bugzilla. The oVirt Project makes no guarantees as to its suitability or usefulness. This pre-release should not to be used in production, and it is not feature complete.

If you’d like to try oVirt as quickly as possible, follow the instructions on the Download page.

For complete installation, administration, and usage instructions, see the oVirt Documentation.

For a general overview of oVirt, read the About oVirt page.

To learn about features introduced before 4.4.0, see the release notes for previous versions.

  1. oVirt 4.4.0 Release Notes
    2. What’s New in 4.4.0?
      1. Release Note
        1. oVirt Engine
        2. oVirt Release Package
      2. Enhancements
        1. oVirt Setup Lib
        2. oVirt Host Dependencies
        3. VDSM
        4. oVirt Engine
        5. oVirt Engine Metrics
      3. Rebase: Bug Fixeses and Enhancementss
        1. oVirt Engine Appliance
        2. oVirt Node NG Image
      4. Removed functionality
        1. oVirt Host Dependencies
        2. oVirt Host Deploy
        3. VDSM
        4. oVirt Engine
        5. oVirt Release Package
      5. Bug Fixes
        1. Safelease
        2. oVirt Hosted Engine Setup
        3. OTOPI
        4. oVirt Hosted Engine HA
        5. VDSM
        6. oVirt Engine
      6. Other
        1. imgbased
        2. oVirt Cockpit Plugin
        3. oVirt Host Dependencies
        4. oVirt Ansible hosted-engine setup role
        5. OTOPI
        6. MOM
        7. oVirt Host Deploy
        8. oVirt Hosted Engine HA
        9. VDSM
        10. oVirt Engine
        11. oVirt ISO Uploader
        12. oVirt Engine Metrics
        13. oVirt Release Package
      7. No Doc Update
        1. oVirt Hosted Engine Setup
        2. OTOPI
        3. MOM
        4. oVirt Host Deploy
        5. VDSM
        6. oVirt Engine
        7. oVirt Engine Data Warehouse
        8. oVirt Engine Extension AAA-JDBC
        9. VDSM JSON-RPC Java
        10. oVirt Release Package
        11. Contributors


In order to install this Alplha Release you will need to enable pre-release repository.

# yum install http://resources.ovirt.org/pub/yum-repo/ovirt-release44-pre.rpm

What’s New in 4.4.0?

Release Note

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1732738 [RFE] Update engine to use OpenJDK 11 - both build and runtime

    Modernizing the software stack of ovirt-engine to both compile and runtime using java-11-openjdk.

Java 11 openjdk is the new LTS version from Red Hat so this

is only a natural step forward.

oVirt Release Package

  • BZ 1745302 ovirt-guest-tools has been obsoleted by virtio-win guest tools

    oVirt 4.4 replaces the ovirt-guest-tools a with a new WiX-based installer, included in Virtio-Win. You can download the ISO file containing the Windows guest drivers, agents and installers from https://fedorapeople.org/groups/virt/virtio-win/direct-downloads/latest-virtio/


oVirt Setup Lib

  • BZ 1546838 [RFE] Refuse to deploy on localhost.localdomain


Warn the user when using ‘localhost’ as FQDN.


Using ‘localhost’ as FQDN is not recommended.


User will be notified when using ‘localhost’ as FQDN and can choose to keep or change it

oVirt Host Dependencies

  • BZ 1725775 Replace screen requirement with tmux

    tmux is now installed on hosts instead of screen.

screen has been deprecated in RHEL 7.6 and is not available anymore in RHEL 8.


  • BZ 1179273 [RFE] vdsm: Utilize system-wide crypto-policies

    Feature: Use crypto policies introduced in CentOS 8 in favour of VDSM’s local crypto settings

Reason: Using crypto policies provides consistency across the whole OS in regard to crypto standards. Since oVirt solution is composed of multiple projects it is desirable to have a single, easily maintainable way of defining these standards. This is exactly what crypto policies do - they provide a set of configuration files that affect multiple libraries and programming languages to guarantee uniformity, at the same time keeping the used cipher strings, suites and protocols up to date with widely accepted security recommendations.

To find our more about crypto policies, please visit:


Result: VDSM’s ‘ssl_protocol’, ‘ssl_excludes’ and ‘ssl_ciphers’ config options have been removed. If you need to fine-tune your crypto settings you should do it by changing, or creating your own crypto policy. As an example, if you need your hosts to communicate with some legacy systems that still use insecure TLSv1 or TLSv1.1, you can change your crypto policy to ‘LEGACY’ with:

update-crypto-policies –set LEGACY

  • BZ 1595536 [RFE] Support VMs with VNC console on a FIPS enabled hypervisor

    When a host is running in FIPS mode, VNC must use SASL authorization instead of regular passwords because of a weak algorithm inherent to the VNC protocol. The current release facilitates using SASL by providing an Ansible role, ovirt-host-setup-vnc-sasl, you can run manually on FIPS-enabled hosts. This role does the following:

  • Creates an empty SASL password database.

  • Prepares the SASL config file for qemu.

  • Changes the libvirt config file for qemu.

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1718818 [RFE] Enhance local disk passthrough

  • BZ 1767319 [RFE] forbid updating mac pool that contains ranges overlapping with any mac range in the system

    In this release, modifying a MAC address pool or modifying the range of a MAC address pool that has any overlap with existing MAC address pool ranges, is strictly forbidden.

  • BZ 1547937 [RFE] Live Storage Migration progress bar.


A progress bar indicating the current status of disk synchronization stage of Live Storage Migration was added



  • BZ 1593800 [RFE] forbid new mac pools with overlapping ranges

    When creating a new MAC address pool its ranges must not overlap with each other or with any ranges in existing MAC address pools.

  • BZ 1700021 [RFE] engine-setup should warn and prompt if ca.pem is missing but other generated pki files exist

    Previously, engine-setup regenerated all PKI files if ca.pem was not present. Now, if ca.pem is not present but other PKI files are, you can restore ca.pem from backup without regenerating all PKI files. As a result, when a backup is present, you no longer need to reinstall or re-enroll certificates for all hosts.

  • BZ 1450351 [RFE] Allow specifying a shutdown reason on the .shutdown() call

    This feature will allow users to set the reason for shutdown/power-off(stop) a VM using REST API request.

  • BZ 1572155 [RFE] provide VM status and uptime in VM general tab

    The VM detail, general information tab now contains also VM’s status and uptime.

  • BZ 1325468 [RFE] Autostart of VMs that are down (with Engine assistance - Engine has to be up)

  • BZ 912723 [RFE] Need to improve the retry mechanism of highly available VMs

  • BZ 1080097 [RFE] Allow editing disks details in the Disks tab


Enable editing floating disks from the UI.


Currently, it’s possible editing only VM disks (from the VM they attached to).


This patch adds a button for editing disks from the ‘Disks’ tab.

Once the popup shows up, the user will be able to edit a floating disk’s properties (such as description and alias) and also to extend its size.

  • BZ 1652565 [RFE] Unable to edit floating disk


Enable editing floating disks from the UI


Currently, it’s possible editing only VM disks (from the VM they attached to).


This patch adds a button for editing disks from the ‘Disks’ tab.

Once the popup shows up, the user will be able to edit a floating disk’s parameters (such as description and alias) and also extends its size.

  • BZ 854932 RESTAPI: missing update impl at /api/disks/xxx


Allows updating disk parameters using the REST-API.


Currently, the only parameter that can be updated is the qcow version.


Now it is possible to edit other parameters (as name, description, shareability, etc), by sending:

PUT /api/disks/xxx

  • BZ 1574443 [RFE] Allow host to be flipped to maintenance mode in all situations.


Allows to put host straight into maintenance mode when doing power management restart (restapi, webadmin).


It is problematic to flip the host to the maintenance state if it is flipping between connecting and activating state. It may get to the non-operation state for short period of time, but one has to monitor the host and click the button as soon as it is in the non-operational state otherwise the host can flip to connecting again.


The host, regardless of its initial state before restart, will be put into maintenance mode, skipping connecting & activating phases.

  • BZ 1306586 change Windows drivers and sysprep delivery method to a CDROM

    Feature: Replace the floppy device with an additional CDROM device for sysprep installation for Compatibility Versions 4.4 and later.

Reason: To deprecate floppy support which has resulted in many issues.

Result: An additional CDROM device shall be used to replace the floppy drive for versions 4.4 and later.

  • BZ 1358501 [RFE] multihost network change - notify when done

    Feature: Network operations that span multiple hosts will have a start and end event in the events tab and engine.log, and a popup notification for the end of the operation in the web-admin if triggered from the web-admin.

Reason: Network operations that span multiple hosts may take a long time and the user has no indication of when they have finished.


  • BZ 1740644 [nmstate] Add config option for Host deployment with nmstate

    The new configuration option VdsmUseNmstate enables that every host with cluster compatibility level >= 4.4 will be deployed with nmstate.

  • BZ 1427717 [RFE] Create and/or select affinity group upon VM creation.


Select affinity groups when creating or editing a VM or a host.


Previously to add a VM to an affinity group, the user had to navigate to clusters -> cluster details -> affinity groups and edit a group.

When creating many VMs, this process was slow.


In the VM and host dialogs, it is now possible to add the entity to an affinity group on the same tab where the VM is added to affinity labels.

  • BZ 1482465 [RFE] Add sorting for Cluster’s columns

    Feature: Added sorting to more of the Cluster View’s Columns. These columns include CPU Type, Data Center, and Compatibility Version.

Reason: Requested via this report.

Result: Now the user can sort by these columns.

  • BZ 1600059 [RFE] Add by default a storage lease to HA VMs

    Feature: When HA is selected for a New VM we now set the Lease Storage Domain to a bootable Storage Domain automatically if the user did not already choose one.

Reason: To protect new HA VMs with leases when it has a bootable Storage Domain.

Result: Now a bootable Storage Domain is set as the lease Storage Domain for new HA VMs.

  • BZ 1647440 [RFE][UI] Provide information about the VM next run


A list of changed fields between current and next run of virtual machine is now displayed in the tooltip of vm type icon on the VM list page.


Until now, it was not possible to see which fields have been changed.


  • BZ 1475774 RHV-M requesting four GetDeviceListVDSCommand when editing storage domain


Adding a message while loading a large number of LUNs.


While creating/managing an iSCSI storage domain, there’s no indication that the operation may take some long time.


Added a message to the spinner dialog:


A large number of LUNs may slow down the operation.

  • BZ 1688796 [RFE] Make it possible to enable Kerberos/GSSAPI debug on AAA

    A new config variable AAA_JAAS_ENABLE_DEBUG has been added to enable Kerberos/GSSAPI debug on AAA. The default value is false and to enable debug the user should create a new config file /etc/ovirt-engine/engine.conf.d/99-kerberos-debug.conf with contents


  • BZ 1691704 [RFE] Ignition support for ovirt vms


oVirt supports passing ignition configuration for any guest

that supports it, like RHCOS or FCOS.


The main driver for this is to make oVirt a platform provider for openshift 4.X, where nodes configuration lifecycle is being managed by an operator that serves ignition configurtaion.


A guest RHCOS/FCOS guest OS can be configured by passing ignition configuration using the UI or the API

  • BZ 1595536 [RFE] Support VMs with VNC console on a FIPS enabled hypervisor

    When a host is running in FIPS mode, VNC must use SASL authorization instead of regular passwords because of a weak algorithm inherent to the VNC protocol. The current release facilitates using SASL by providing an Ansible role, ovirt-host-setup-vnc-sasl, you can run manually on FIPS-enabled hosts. This role does the following:

  • Creates an empty SASL password database.

  • Prepares the SASL config file for qemu.

  • Changes the libvirt config file for qemu.

oVirt Engine Metrics

  • BZ 1762263 [RFE] Require Ansible 2.9 in ovirt-engine-metrics

Rebase: Bug Fixeses and Enhancementss

oVirt Engine Appliance

  • BZ 1708579 Rebase ovirt-engine-appliance on Fedora 29

  • BZ 1672732 Replace ovirt-guest-agent with qemu-guest-agent

oVirt Node NG Image

  • BZ 1708582 Rebase oVirt Node on top of Fedora 29

Removed functionality

oVirt Host Dependencies

  • BZ 1698016 remove cockpit-machines-ovirt dependency

    cockpit-machines-ovirt has been deprecated in 4.3 with bug #1698014.

Dropping from ovirt-host dependencies and from RHV-H image.

oVirt Host Deploy


  • BZ 1703840 drop vdsm-hook-macspoof

    MAC spoof hook has been dropped. If someone still depend of ifacemacspoof hook, they can find and fix the vnic

profiles using a script similar to the one provided in https://gerrit.ovirt.org/#/c/94613/ commit message.

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1732437 Remove direct kernel/initrd booting from oVirt Engine

    The linux boot parameters, including direct kernel, initrd and custom kernel parameters are removed within this bug from the WEB-UI. It is deprecated from ansible and REST-API to support older versions.

  • BZ 1475320 [RFE] remove the option for multiple qxl devices for RHEL guests

  • BZ 1638675 Drop OpenStack Neutron deployment

    The deployment of OpenStack hosts can be done by OpenStack Platform Director/TripleO, the Open vSwitch interface mappings are managed by VDSM, and the deployment of ovirt-provider-ovn-driver is managed as the attribute “Default Network Provider” on cluster level.

oVirt Release Package

  • BZ 1753894 Retire ovirt-engine-sdk-java-3*

    oVirt Engine SDK 3 Java bindings are not shipped anymore with oVirt 4.4 release.

  • BZ 1753899 Retire ovirt-engine-cli

Bug Fixes


  • BZ 1696313 Drop unneeded dependencies from safelease

oVirt Hosted Engine Setup

  • BZ 1664479 Third VM fails to get migrated when host is placed into maintenance mode

  • BZ 1686575 hosted-engine deploy (restore-from-file) fails if any non-management logical network is marked as required in backup file.


  • BZ 1746700 ssh plugin fails if authorized_keys has non-ascii utf-8 text

  • BZ 1751324 get_otopi_python always prefers Python3 even when site-packages are Python2 on CentOS 7

oVirt Hosted Engine HA

  • BZ 1664479 Third VM fails to get migrated when host is placed into maintenance mode


  • BZ 1598266 [scale] VMs unresponsive due to delayed getVolumeSize

  • BZ 1749630 Reporting incorrect high memory usage, preventing VMs from migrating, high slab dentry

  • BZ 1746699 Can’t import guest from export domain to data domain on rhv4.3 due to error “Invalid parameter: ‘DiskType=1’“

  • BZ 1722854 Remove nwfilter configuration from the vdsmd service start

  • BZ 1711902 ovirt-engine- fails to add disks with vdsm-4.30 hosts and 4.1 compatibility level: InvalidParameterException: Invalid parameter: ‘DiskType=2’

  • BZ 1713724 When a storage domain is updated to V5 during a DC upgrade, if there are volumes with metadata that has been reset then the upgrade fails

  • BZ 1569593 ERROR failed to retrieve Hosted Engine HA score ‘[Errno 2] No such file or directory’ Is the Hosted Engine setup finished?

  • BZ 1685034 “after_get_caps” ovirt-provider-ovn-driver hook query floods /var/log/messages when ovs-vswitchd is disabled

  • BZ 1688159 Migration aborted, probably due to stalling

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1590911 wrong template details shown when names are matching

  • BZ 1769339 webadmin - Extend floating disk size on image, ISCSI, thin-prov’ disks does not work

  • BZ 1770237 Cannot assign a vNIC profile for VM instance profile.

  • BZ 1656621 Importing VM OVA always enables ‘Cloud-Init/Sysprep’

  • BZ 1763084 Fix invalid host certificates by filling-in subject alternate name during host installation, host upgrade or certificate enrolment

  • BZ 1717390 [REST] VM interface hot-unplug right after VM boot up fails over missing vnic alias name

  • BZ 1745384 [IPv6 Static] Engine should allow updating network’s static ipv6gateway

  • BZ 1703428 VMs migrated from KVM to RHV show warning ‘The latest guest agent needs to be installed and running on the guest’

  • BZ 1547038 Upgrade from 4.3 to 4.4 will fail if there are versioned templates in database

  • BZ 1733227 When Importing a VM from an external source, the Next button fails to continue to the next screen

  • BZ 1729811 [scale] updatevmdynamic broken if too many users logged in - psql ERROR: value too long for type character varying(255)

  • BZ 1729511 engine-setup fails to upgrade to 4.3 with Unicode characters in CA subject

  • BZ 1718141 Cannot retrieve Host NIC VF configuration via REST API

  • BZ 1437559 [RFE] Explicitly assign all CPUs to NUMA nodes

  • BZ 1715393 [Q35] Disabling and re-enabling SPICE USB creates a USB2.0 controller instead of xhci

  • BZ 1659574 Highly Available (HA) VMs with a VM lease failed to start after a 4.1 to 4.2 upgrade.

  • BZ 1643520 RESTAPI Not able to remove the QoS from a disk profile

  • BZ 1664479 Third VM fails to get migrated when host is placed into maintenance mode

  • BZ 1703112 PCI address of NICs are not stored in the database after a hotplug of passthrough NIC resulting in change of network device name in VM after a reboot

  • BZ 1659161 Unable to edit pool that is delete protected

  • BZ 1658101 [RESTAPI] Adding ISO disables serial console

  • BZ 1693813 Do not change DC level if there are VMs running/paused with older CL.



  • BZ 1770683 [RHVH-4.4.0] Upgrade RHVH from RHVH-4.4-20190926.3 to rhvh- failed

  • BZ 1766579 imgbased build is not disabling anymore repositories

  • BZ 1759938 unittest: TypeError: unicode argument expected, got ‘str’

  • BZ 1760809 src/imgbased/bootloader.py fails unit testing with nosetests-3

  • BZ 1760812 imgbased/src/imgbased/local.py fails unit testing with nosetests-3

  • BZ 1760217 RHVH4.4 installation fails when security profile is selected

  • BZ 1724102 [RFE] Warn if SELinux is disabled when upgrading RHV-H

oVirt Cockpit Plugin

  • BZ 1700742 python packaging changes needed due to deprecation of /usr/bin/python

oVirt Host Dependencies

  • BZ 1741792 Add clevis RPMs to RHV-H image / repo

oVirt Ansible hosted-engine setup role

  • BZ 1770030 [4.4.0-5] after deploy of HE the defined fqdn on the host changed to localhost.localdomain


  • BZ 1750093 dnf plugin silently ignores updated packages with broken dependencies

  • BZ 1688659 Drop requirement on sonatype-oss-parent from otopi


oVirt Host Deploy

  • BZ 1765057 Require NetworkManager restart in vdsm sepc file during host deploy

  • BZ 1736873 Setting FIPS parameter from the engine will make the host unable to reboot if /boot resides on a separate partition (as in RHV-H case)

  • BZ 1724056 Remove usage of rpmUtils.miscutils

  • BZ 1700874 Drop requirement on sonatype-oss-parent from ovirt-host-deploy

oVirt Hosted Engine HA

  • BZ 1768511 ovirt-ha-broker “sometimes” fails to load on RHEL8 due to a permission error on a systemd defined RuntimeDirectory

  • BZ 1757414 ovirt-hosted-engine-ha python3 unicode fails testing

  • BZ 1720747 Host in “Not Responding” and “Connecting” state until engine restarted

  • BZ 1624790 Package hosted-engine-ha for python2/3


  • BZ 1765018 [rhel8.1] VM fail to start if having vNIC profile with port mirroring enabled

  • BZ 1756944 RHVH-4.4.0 The NICs are turned off during installation, but all NICs were found to be open after installation

  • BZ 1771051 Missing imageio demon at RHEL8 host breaking upload/download/V2V

  • BZ 1766595 Webadmin and RESTAPI - creating/managing/importing ISCSI storage domain not possible - error block device action: (), code = 600

  • BZ 1765684 Log important state changes and time spent in slow critical operations

  • BZ 1759388 Chance of data corruption if SPM VDSM is restarted during LSM

  • BZ 1720747 Host in “Not Responding” and “Connecting” state until engine restarted

  • BZ 1738861 can’t start VM that was cloned from snapshot when FIPS enabled

  • BZ 1755829 One of the ‘HSM.moveImage’ exception handlers refers to non-existing members on the exception instance

  • BZ 1748270 Take TSC scaling into account when migrating HP VMs

  • BZ 1750340 New libvirtd uses systemd socket activation by default, which is incompatible with –listen flag usage in /etc/sysconfig/libvirtd

  • BZ 1721599 Cannot create volume with initial size on preallocated qcow volume

  • BZ 1751881 Possible faulty storage task state transition on task abort

  • BZ 1720977 [logging] limit getStats

  • BZ 1712325 [RFE] Auto-detect FIPS mode on host

  • BZ 1738429 [SR-IOV] [rhel8.1] Can’t enable VFs on rhel8.1 host - driver=igb

  • BZ 1738423 [rhel8.1] vdsm override ovirtmgmt with static IPv4 instead of the origin dhcpv4 NIC during host deploy in RHV

  • BZ 1688052 Typo and exception due to non-iterable object on gluster fencing testing

  • BZ 1679122 Automatically set in engine the following flags for High Performance VMs types: invtsc cpu flag and also the tsc frequency flag for supporting migration

  • BZ 1723668 **VDSM command Get Host Statistics failed: Internal JSON-RPC error: {‘reason’: ‘[Errno 19] vnet is not present in the system'}**

  • BZ 1709628 lshw can take more than 15 seconds to execute depending on the system

  • BZ 1712255 Drop 4.1 datacenter/cluster level

  • BZ 1700623 Moving disk results in wrong SIZE/CAP key in the volume metadata

  • BZ 1655593 Download only forbidden by vdsmupgrade yum plugin

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1750212 MERGE_STATUS fails with ‘Invalid UUID string: mapper’ when Direct LUN that already exists is hot-plugged

  • BZ 1771471 webadmin - New virtual disk > Direct LUN window is a mess

  • BZ 1771545 webadmin - The window of “attach virtual disk” was cut

  • BZ 1733031 [RFE] Add warning when importing data domains to newer DC that may trigger SD format upgrade




  • BZ 1564509 Unable to grant user permissions to upload ISOs through the web interface

  • BZ 1769306 A white space appears between upper masthead menu to vertical masthead menu

  • BZ 1768851 webadmin - block(ISCSI/FC) storage domain window is a mess - misaligned “Advance Parameters” makes it hard to choose other options

  • BZ 1768707 Cannot set or update iscsi portal group tag when editing storage connection via API

  • BZ 1743690 Commit and Undo buttons active when no snapshot selected

  • BZ 1656329 Webadmin- providers - creating the same glance image provider with different name & same provider url & tenant is allowed

  • BZ 1712255 Drop 4.1 datacenter/cluster level

  • BZ 1701236 Hot plug disk resides on backup storage domain while VM is running is permitted

  • BZ 1712325 [RFE] Auto-detect FIPS mode on host

  • BZ 1696245 [RFE] Allow full customization while cloning a VM

  • BZ 1748270 Take TSC scaling into account when migrating HP VMs

  • BZ 1753628 webadmin - Modify/Edit an existing DC compatibility level on a local storage domain is not possible

  • BZ 1728617 upgrade of host fails on timeout after 30 minutes

    Default maximum timeout for an ansible-playbook executed from engine has been raised from 30 to 120 minutes. This timeout is defined using configuration option ANSIBLE_PLAYBOOK_EXEC_DEFAULT_TIMEOUT within /usr/share/ovirt-engine/services/ovirt-engine/ovirt-engine.conf. If administrators need to change that timeout they can create /etc/ovirt-engine/engine.conf.d/99-ansible-timeout.conf file with below content:


where NNN is number of minutes the timeout should be.

  • BZ 1751423 Improve description of shared memory statistics and remove unimplemented memory metrics from API

  • BZ 1679122 Automatically set in engine the following flags for High Performance VMs types: invtsc cpu flag and also the tsc frequency flag for supporting migration

  • BZ 1750905 Data Center -> Guide me -> Configure storage does not let user create iSCSI volumes

  • BZ 1758874 V5 format is missing storage domain (none)

  • BZ 1746390 Error while creating local storage: Internal Engine Error

  • BZ 1722519 Guest tools ISO in data domain not automatically attached to Windows VMs

  • BZ 1737234 Attach a non-existent ISO to vm by the API return 201 and marks the Attach CD checkbox as ON

  • BZ 1748736 [UI] Tooltips in the setup networks dialog are broken

  • BZ 1738861 can’t start VM that was cloned from snapshot when FIPS enabled

  • BZ 1678003 Collapse snapshot flag is available even if VM has no snapshots at all

  • BZ 1590866 SDK allows to create template in one DC with disk in another DC

  • BZ 1741102 host activation causes RHHI nodes to lose the quorum

  • BZ 1727025 NPE in DestroyImage endAction during live merge leaving a task in DB for hours causing operations depending on host clean tasks to fail as Deactivate host/StopSPM/deactivate SD

  • BZ 1742924 “Field ‘foo’ can not be updated when status is ‘Up’” in engine.log when listing ‘NEXT_RUN’ configuration snapshot VMs

  • BZ 1700338 [RFE] Alternate method to configure the email Event Notifier for a user in RHV through API (instead of RHV GUI)

  • BZ 1730611 Inconsistent UX labels - Use Host vs Host to Use

  • BZ 1727094 ISOs in Change CD dialog not sorted

  • BZ 1718790 Drop oVirt Node Legacy support in ovirt-engine

  • BZ 1686650 Memory snapshots’ deletion logging unnecessary WARNINGS in engine.log

  • BZ 1739257 [UI] Don’t show ‘out-of-sync’ info tooltip for the out-of-sync column under main ‘Hosts’ tab if network in sync

  • BZ 1715725 Sending credentials in query string logs them in ovirt-request-logs

  • BZ 1730264 VMs will fail to start if the vnic profile attached is having port mirroring enabled and have name greater than 15 characters

  • BZ 1729424 improve handling of unmanaged/missing video devices

  • BZ 1690026 [RFE] - Creating an NFS storage domain the engine should let the user specify exact NFS version v4.0 and not just v4

  • BZ 1731049 exception while adding user or group to quota consumer

  • BZ 1651939 a new size of the direct LUN not updated in Admin Portal

  • BZ 1650505 Increase of ClusterCompatibilityVersion to Cluster with virtual machines with outstanding configuration changes, those changes will be reverted

  • BZ 1721449 ISOs in Run Once dialog grouped by domain

  • BZ 1721438 The list of ISOs not sorted in VM Import dialog

  • BZ 1700036 [RFE] Add RedFish API for host power management for RHEV

    Support for RedFish power management agent has been added into RHV. To use that functionality administrators need to select redfish power management agent in Power Management tab in Edit Host dialog and fill-in additional details like login information and IP/FQDN of the agent

  • BZ 1714834 Cannot disable SCSI passthrough using API

  • BZ 1721563 VM not started on the expected host since external weight policy units are ignored.

  • BZ 1712890 engine-setup should check for snapshots in unsupported CL

    Now, on upgrade, engine-setup prompts about virtual machines that have snapshots that are incompatible with the version we are going to upgrade to. It’s safe to let it proceed, but it’s not safe to try using these snapshots after the upgrade, e.g. to preview them.

  • BZ 1706822 [engine-setup] Confusing message in engine-setup about installing local DBs manually

  • BZ 1651406 [RFE] Allow Maintenance of Host with Enforcing VM Affinity Rules (hard affinity)

  • BZ 1616451 [UI] add a tooltip to explain the supported matrix for the combination of disk allocation policies, formats and the combination result

  • BZ 1609686 Get VMs response doesn’t match virsh output after updating of the serial number policy

  • BZ 1684266 Exporting OVA timed out leaving orphan volume

  • BZ 1695026 Failure in creating snapshots during “Live Storage Migration” can result in a nonexistent snapshot

  • BZ 1666913 [UI] warn users about different “Vdsm Name” when creating network with a fancy char or long name

  • BZ 1679039 Unable to upload image through Storage->Domain->Disk because of wrong DC

  • BZ 1696748 UI exception seen when creating the new logical network and selecting that network

  • BZ 1693628 Engine generates too many updates to vm_dynamic table due to the session change

  • BZ 1690475 When a live storage migration fails, the auto generated snapshot does not get removed

oVirt ISO Uploader

  • BZ 1760826 [TEXT] Default log file path in help is never correct

oVirt Engine Metrics

  • BZ 1773313 RHV Metric store installation fails with error: “You need to install "jmespath" prior to running json_query filter”

  • BZ 1523289 [RFE] Create a role that will list to the admin which hosts are not configured for metrics

  • BZ 1715511 Update README for Variable openshift_distribution to include RHV default

  • BZ 1717339 command ‘SystemLogSocketName’ is currently not permitted - did you already set it via a RainerScript command (v6+ config)?

  • BZ 1687729 Code Change - Use dedicated Ansible module for manageing SELinux file context

  • BZ 1677679 Remove hacky things from ansible.cfg

  • BZ 1755412 Setting “oreg_url: registry.redhat.io” fails with error

  • BZ 1714994 TODO comment in the check_logging_collectors.yml

oVirt Release Package

  • BZ 1756706 The sshd service of RHVH is inactive.

  • BZ 1757457 ovirt-release-host-node has python2 code in %post section of the spec file

No Doc Update

oVirt Hosted Engine Setup

  • BZ 1717991 ovirt-hosted-engine-setup requires pyliblzma which is available only for python2


  • BZ 1525905 [RFE] otopi should notify about nonexistent before=/after= events


  • BZ 1733546 MOM passes floating point values for ‘sleep_millisecs’ when calling VDSM’s ‘Host.setKsmTune’ API verb

oVirt Host Deploy

  • BZ 1773904 Failed to execute stage ‘Environment customization’: _create_hdr() argument after * must be an iterable, not NoneType

  • BZ 1713605 Remove unused code for oVirt Vintage Node


  • BZ 1778638 [4.4.0-6] failed to add secondary hosts(HA) with error “Unable to stop service supervdsmd”

  • BZ 1760262 Bridge linux profile is not activated and stuck in connecting state after reboot

  • BZ 1768735 [rhv-4.4.0-4] - Adding ISCSI storage domains Failes with error VolumeGroupCreateError and code 502 - TypeError: devicemapper_removeMapping() missing 1 required positional argument: ‘deviceName’

  • BZ 1753898 Make block size detection compatible with Gluster storage

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1529042 [RFE] Changing of Cluster CPU Type does not trigger config update notification

  • BZ 1734729 [RFE] Update vdsm-jsonrpc-java to use OpenJDK 11 - both build and runtime

  • BZ 1779085 Storage domain can not be deactivated with error Failed executing step ‘UPDATE_OVF_STORE’

  • BZ 1759143 [RFE] Use ansible-runner-service instead of ansible-playbook to execute Ansible playbooks from engine

  • BZ 1718851 [RFE] Unmanaged disks should be kept after VM restart/poweroff

  • BZ 1705727 Cannot read property ‘a’ of undefined when approving host

  • BZ 1741625 VM fails to be re-started with error: Failed to acquire lock: No space left on device

  • BZ 1723804 Operation Failed: [Resource unavailable] - failed to sync networks on host

  • BZ 1758786 Removing of Affinity Label in Edit VM window throws java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException

  • BZ 1744557 RHV 4.3 throws an exception when trying to access VMs which have snapshots from unsupported compatibility levels

  • BZ 1718852 [RFE} Track devices with user aliases instead of properties

  • BZ 1754490 RHV Manager cannot start on EAP 7.2.4

  • BZ 1725003 [RFE] fail adding permissions when no user/group selected

  • BZ 1749944 teardownImage attempts to deactivate in-use LV’s rendering the VM disk image/volumes in locked state.

  • BZ 1707451 Don’t execute removal of hosted engine configuration when host is turned off

  • BZ 1734839 Unable to start guests in our Power9 cluster without running in headless mode.

  • BZ 1737684 Engine deletes the leaf volume when SnapshotVDSCommand timed out without checking if the volume is still used by the VM

  • BZ 1741271 Move/Copy disk are blocked if there is less space in source SD than the size of the disk

  • BZ 1730436 Snapshot creation was successful, but snapshot remains locked

  • BZ 1726330 [Cinderlib] - Start vm with 3PAR-ISCSI managed storage domain fails with the error : “Managed Volume is already attached”

  • BZ 1690155 Disk migration progress bar not clearly visible and unusable.

  • BZ 1530026 [RFE][UI] Remove external network selection on add host window

  • BZ 1654889 [RFE] Support console VNC for mediated devices

  • BZ 1700319 VM is going to pause state with “storage I/O error”.

  • BZ 1637172 Live Merge hung in the volume deletion phase, leaving snapshot in a LOCKED state

  • BZ 1696111 RHV could not detect Guest Agent when create snapshot for the running guest which installed qemu-guest-agent

  • BZ 1658524 Replace error notification with patternfly element

  • BZ 1700725 [scale] RHV-M runs out of memory due to to much data reported by the guest agent

  • BZ 1498654 [RFE] Add correlation ID to events details page

  • BZ 1660644 Concurrent LSMs of the same disk can be issued via the REST-API

oVirt Engine Data Warehouse

  • BZ 1734718 [RFE] Update DWH to use OpenJDK 11 - both build and runtime

oVirt Engine Extension AAA-JDBC

  • BZ 1714633 Using more than one asterisk in the search string is not working when searching for users.


  • BZ 1734729 [RFE] Update vdsm-jsonrpc-java to use OpenJDK 11 - both build and runtime

oVirt Release Package

  • BZ 1598404 branding: oVirt Node cockpit and oVirt Engine have different coloring


107 people contributed to this release:

Ahmad Khiet
Ales Musil
Allon Mureinik
Amit Bawer
Andrej Krejcir
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