oVirt 4.1.1 Release Notes

The oVirt Project is pleased to announce the availability of 4.1.1 Release as of March 22, 2017.

oVirt is a free open-source distributed virtualization solution, designed to manage your entire enterprise infrastructure. oVirt uses the trusted KVM hypervisor and is built upon several other community projects, including libvirt, Gluster, PatternFly, and Ansible.

This release is available now for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3, CentOS Linux 7.3 (or similar).

If you’d like to try oVirt as quickly as possible, follow the instructions on the Download page.

For complete installation, administration, and usage instructions, see the oVirt Documentation.

For a general overview of oVirt, read the About oVirt page.

To learn about features introduced before 4.1.1, see the release notes for previous versions.


Don’t enable all of EPEL on oVirt machines.

The ovirt-release package enables the EPEL repositories and includes several specific packages that are required from there. It also enables and uses the CentOS SIG repos, for other packages.

EPEL currently includes collectd 5.7.1, and the collectd package there includes the write_http plugin.

OpsTools currently includes collectd 5.7.0, and the write_http plugin is packaged separately.

ovirt-release does not use collectd from EPEL, so if you only use it, you should be ok.

If you want to use other packages from EPEL, you should make sure to not include collectd. Either use includepkgs and add those you need, or use exclude=collectd*.

  1. oVirt 4.1.1 Release Notes
    1. EPEL
    2. What’s New in 4.1.1 Async release?
      1. oVirt Engine
      2. VDSM
      3. oVirt Engine Metrics
      4. imgbased
      5. oVirt Engine DWH
      6. oVirt Cockpit Plugin
    3. What’s New in 4.1.1?
      1. Enhancements
        1. oVirt Engine
        2. VDSM
        3. oVirt Hosted Engine Setup
        4. oVirt Hosted Engine HA
        5. oVirt Cockpit Plugin
        6. oVirt Engine Metrics
      2. No Doc Update
        1. oVirt Engine
        2. VDSM
        3. MOM
        4. oVirt Cockpit Plugin
        5. imgbased
      3. Unclassified
        1. oVirt Engine
        2. VDSM
        3. oVirt Engine Extension AAA JDBC
        4. oVirt Hosted Engine Setup
        5. oVirt Release Package
        6. oVirt Cockpit Plugin
        7. oVirt Engine Extension AAA LDAP
        8. imgbased
        9. oVirt Host Deploy
        10. oVirt Engine SDK 4 Java
        11. oVirt Engine Dashboard
        12. oVirt Engine SDK 4 Python
        13. oVirt Engine SDK 4 Ruby
        14. OTOPI
    4. Bug fixes
      1. oVirt Engine
      2. VDSM
      3. oVirt Hosted Engine Setup
      4. oVirt Hosted Engine HA
      5. oVirt Release Package
      6. oVirt Cockpit Plugin
      7. oVirt Engine Extension AAA LDAP
      8. imgbased
      9. oVirt Host Deploy
      10. oVirt Provider OVN
      11. oVirt Engine DWH

What’s New in 4.1.1 Async release?

On April 6th 2017 the oVirt team issued an async release including the following fixes:

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1429534 [scale] - tasks rejection, causing to corrupted monitoring.
  • BZ 1434941 Previewing 3.5 snapshot with memory on 4.1 setup should not be allowed
  • BZ 1438260 Failed to create VM from template with block-based raw disk as server
  • BZ 1419562 [Sysprep] windows 2012 R2 and windows 2016 - failed to load sysprep file
  • BZ 1417518 [HE] high availability compromised due to duplicate spm id
  • BZ 1417217 SR-IOV vNIC unplugged after migration completed


  • BZ 1426440 During Live Merge, clear information about top/base/active volumes is not provided by INFO level logging

oVirt Engine Metrics

  • BZ 1434573 Add apache collectd plugin on engine machine
    The Apache collectd plugin configurations were updated to the fluentd configuration file.
    It will for now require updating the Apache instance name, url, user and password manually.

    In the next version we plan to populate this automatically.

    To enable the user to monitor the Apache performance metrics in the remote metrics store.

  • BZ 1434570 Add postgresql collectd plugin on engine machine
    The Postgresql collectd plugin configurations were updated to the fluentd configuration file.
    It will, for now, require updating the Postgresql database name, host, user and password manually.

    In the next version we plan to populate this automatically.

    To enable the user to monitor the Postgresql performance metrics in the remote metrics store.



  • BZ 1433668 The file modification in /etc of middle layer can not be updated to latest layer after upgrade multiple times
  • BZ 1434816 Selinux issue blocks running VMs on 4.1 ngn after update from 4.0 ngn as virtlogd fails to start
  • BZ 1435887 Failed to run cockpit after upgrade from NGN-3.6 to 4.1 node
  • BZ 1432385 ‘imgbase layout’ takes very long time to complete on rhv-h hypervisor with a large number of LUNs attached
  • BZ 1432359 Default thin pool metadata size in RHV-H is less and utilization can reach 100%

oVirt Engine DWH

  • BZ 1404812 dwhd sometimes does not update the engine db before stopping

oVirt Cockpit Plugin

  • BZ 1434781 Update brick_dirs of volume section to have absolute brick path from all the hosts

What’s New in 4.1.1?


oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1413150 [RFE] Add warning to change CL to the match the installed engine version
    The Red Hat Virtualization Manager now provides warnings for all data centers and clusters that have not been upgraded to latest installed version. The compatibility version of all data centers is checked once a week, and on Manager startup. If it is not the latest version, an alert is raised and stored in the audit log. The Data Centers and Clusters main tabs now also show an exclamation mark icon for each data center or cluster that is not at the latest version. Hovering over this icon displays a recommendation to upgrade the compatibility version.
  • BZ 1379074 [storage] Improve logging for ExportVM flow
    Previously, the ExportVmCommand appeared in the Engine log without the ID of the virtual machine being exported. This information has now been added to the log.

    Note: After this change, users must have export permissions for the virtual machine and its disks to export a virtual machine. Previously, permissions to export virtual machine disks were sufficient.
  • BZ 1408193 [RFE] Update timestamp format in engine log to timestamp with timezone
    From now on, all timestamp records for the engine and engine tools logs will contain a time zone to ease correlation between logs on the Manager and hosts. Previously engine.log contained a timestamp without a time zone, for example:

    2017-02-27 13:35:06,720 INFO [org.ovirt.engine.core.dal.dbbroker.DbFacade] (ServerService Thread Pool – 51) [] Initializing the DbFacade

    From now on there will always be a timezone identifier at the end of the timestamp part, for example:

    2017-02-27 13:35:06,720+01 INFO [org.ovirt.engine.core.dal.dbbroker.DbFacade] (ServerService Thread Pool – 51) [] Initializing the DbFacade
  • BZ 1424787 ‘Available swap memory’ warning should appear once a day, not every 30 minutes
  • BZ 1388430 [RFE] Provide a tool to execute vacuum full on engine database
    This release adds a maintenance tool to run vacuum actions on the engine database (or specific tables). This tool optimizes table stats and compacts the internals of tables, resulting in less disk space usage, more efficient future maintenance work, and updated table stats for better query planning. Also provided is an engine-setup dialog that offers to perform vacuum during upgrades. This can be automated by the answer file.
  • BZ 1369175 VM Console options: hide “Enable USB Auto-Share” entry when USB is disabled.
    The “Enable USB Auto-Share” option in the “Console options” dialog is now only available if “USB Support” is enabled on the virtual machine.
  • BZ 1427987 [downstream clone - 4.1.1] Provide a configuration to enable that user actions should succeed regardless of ‘filter’ parameter
    The API supports the ‘filter’ parameter to indicate if results should be filtered according to the permissions of the user. Due to the way this is implemented, non admin users need to set this parameter for almost all operations, as the default value is ‘false’. To simplify things for non admin users, this patch adds a configuration option ENGINE_API_FILTER_BY_DEFAULT which allows to change the default value to ‘true’, but only for non admin users. If the value is explicitly given in a request it will be honored.

    If you change the value of ENGINE_API_FILTER_BY_DEFAULT to true, please be aware that this is a backwards compatibility breaking change, as clients that used non admin users and did not provide explicitly the ‘filter’ parameter will start to behave differently. However, this is unlikely, as calls from non admin users without the ‘filter=true’ is almost useless.

    Here is the description of a new ‘ENGINE_API_FILTER_BY_DEFAULT’ configuration parameter:

    # This flags indicates if ‘filtering’ should be enabled by default for
    # users that aren’t administrators.

    If it is necessary to change the default behaviour, it can be achieved by changing this parameter in a configuration file inside the ‘/etc/ovirt-engine/engine.conf.d’ directory. For

    # echo ‘ENGINE_API_FILTER_BY_DEFAULT=”true”’ > <br> /etc/ovirt-engine/engine.conf.d/99-filter-by-default.conf

    # systemctl restart ovirt-engine
  • BZ 1424821 Add NFS V4.2 via RESTAPI
    It is now possible to create NFS storage domains with NFS version 4.2 via the REST API.
  • BZ 1412547 Allow negotiation of highest available TLS version for engine <-> VDSM communication
    Previously, when the Manager attempted to connect to VDSM it tried to negotiate the highest available version of TLS but due to previous issues there was a limitation to try TLSv1.0 as the highest version and to not try any higher version. Now, the limit has been removed so that TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 can be negotiated if they are available on the VDSM side. Removing this limit will allow TLSv1.0 to be dropped from future versions of VDSM.


  • BZ 1403839 [RFE] Add ability to remove a single LUN from a data domain
    With this update, the ability to remove LUNs from a block data domain has been added. This means that LUNs can be removed from a block data domain provided that there is enough free space on the other domain devices to contain the data stored on the LUNs being removed.

oVirt Hosted Engine Setup

  • BZ 1330138 ovirt-hosted-engine-setup needs to work with Networkmanager being enabled
    ovirt-hosted-engine-setup should work with Networkmanager being enabled

oVirt Hosted Engine HA

  • BZ 1101554 [RFE] HE-ha: use vdsm api instead of vdsClient
    With this update, the code interfacing with VDSM now uses the VDSM API directly instead of using vdsClient and xmlrpc.

oVirt Cockpit Plugin

  • BZ 1358716 Disable Hosted Engine Setup page after register RHVH to engine
    The self-hosted engine setup wizard now warns users if the host is already registered to Red Hat Virtualization Manager. Previously, a host that was registered to the Manager but not running a self-hosted engine would present the option to set up a self-hosted engine, which ran the risk of unregistering the host. Now, hosts that are registered to the Manager present a “Redeploy” button in the Hosted Engine wizard in Cockpit, which must be selected in order to continue.
  • BZ 1423542 Include gdeploy preflight check
    Gdeploy has a script to validate basic network setup and storage configuration before deploying Gluster. This script is now included in the generated gdeploy configuration for HyperConverged deployment so that users can deploy a cleaner HyperConverged environment.

oVirt Engine Metrics

  • BZ 1424997 [RFE] Update fluentd configuration to fit the common data model
    Updated the fluentd configuration so the collectd record will be transformed to fit the common data model.

    The common data model is required so that data coming from multiple environments can co-exists without merging together and having different meaning to the same field name.

    The data sent to the remote metrics store is now if the common data model format.

No Doc Update

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1418537 [Admin Portal] Exception while adding new host network QoS from cluster->logical networks->add network


  • BZ 1215039 [HC] - API schema for StorageDomainType is missing glusterfs type


  • BZ 1370081 Deprecation warning about BaseException.message in a log

oVirt Cockpit Plugin

  • BZ 1427450 drop the UI plugin check for cockpit on hosts



oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1432081 [ENGINE] Support HSM jobs on local storage
  • BZ 1421174 Migration scheduler should work with per-VM cluster compatibility level
  • BZ 1426136 Restarting vdsmd service on HSM host that copies data for cloning VM from template will cause that the LV container is not removed
  • BZ 1410506 hotplug - Attaching a virtio-blk direct lun disk to VM that is up fails (only virtio-scsi is now supported with virtio-1.0 - machine type -7.3)
  • BZ 1414320 oVirt reporting low disk space on template copy when there’s still a plenty
  • BZ 1418247 UI showing active geo-rep session, when the session was already removed from CLI
  • BZ 1414818 Update affinity group drop general positive flag and moves VM to VM affinity to disabled state
  • BZ 1401010 Memory and CPU donut shows nonsense value
  • BZ 1418757 Package list for upgrade checks has to contain only valid packages per version
  • BZ 1415471 Adding host to engine failed at first time but host was auto recovered after several mins
  • BZ 1414455 removing disk in VM edit dialog causes UI error
  • BZ 1410606 Imported VMs has max memory 0
  • BZ 1388456 Disable TLSv1.0 in Apache SSL configuration
  • BZ 1406005 [RFE][Metrics Store] Install Collectd and fluentd with relevant plugins on engine machine
  • BZ 1380356 Engine confused by external network provider not responding to create-port command
  • BZ 1417554 Mount options are not explicitly made visible, when the new storage domain is associated with gluster volume
  • BZ 1417571 ‘Remote data sync setup’ should throw helpful message, if there are no gluster geo-rep is setup for the volume
  • BZ 1417816 Remote data sync setup should show up the scheduled time with 2 digit precision for hours and minutes
  • BZ 1418567 Throw proper error/warning message, when removing the gluster geo-rep session associated with remote sync setup gluster data domain
  • BZ 1415759 Trying to sparsify a direct lun via the REST API gives a NullPointerException
  • BZ 1408982 Lease related tasks remain on SPM
  • BZ 1419529 radio buttons overflow in Network Interface form
  • BZ 1418002 [BUG] RHV cisco_ucs power management restart displays misleading message.
  • BZ 1413377 Break bond and create new bond at the same time fail to get applied correctly
  • BZ 1410405 unexpected TAB order in the external network subnet window
  • BZ 1368487 RHGS/Gluster node is still in non-operational state, even after restarting the glusterd service from UI
  • BZ 1364137 make VM template should be blocked while importing this VM.
  • BZ 1390575 Import VM from data domain failed when trying to import a VM without re-assign MACs, but there is no MACs left in the destination pool
  • BZ 1406572 Uncaught exception is received when trying to create a vm from User portal without power user role assigned
  • BZ 1421973 [UI] Uncaught exception when dragging the whole interface panel on top of other interface panel in the Setup Networks dialog
  • BZ 1374589 remove virtio-win drivers drop down for KVM imports
  • BZ 1429170 Cold move of file based (nfs) disk failed when the VM is cloned from template as thin provision
  • BZ 1427104 Commit old snapshot ends with ‘Error while executing action Revert to Snapshot: Internal Engine Error’
  • BZ 1426265 Sparsify should work on local storage
  • BZ 1430754 Exception selecting Direct LUN radio button on new VM
  • BZ 1422779 [UI] - ‘Cloud-init’ sub tab in the edit VM dialog - Network Interface disappeared from drop down list after adding new interface
  • BZ 1422505 metrics stuff should be in own repo
  • BZ 1419327 Discard data is not supported after upgrading the DC to 4.1
  • BZ 1419352 After upgrading from 4.0.6 to 4.1 the GUI dialog for moving the disks from one Storage to another is not rendered correctly (when multiple disks(>8) are selected for move.)
  • BZ 1408134 BUG: “interface” field empty in “attach disk” windows Ovirt 4.0.5
  • BZ 1420265 Attempting to remove disk from storage domain in template’s storage sub-tab results in exception
  • BZ 1415806 oVirt 4.1 translation cycle 2
  • BZ 1425705 fails on non existing columns in command_entities table
  • BZ 1379225 cannot assign gluster network role using api
  • BZ 1412626 [scale] High Database Load after updating to oVirt 4.0.4 (select * from getdisksvmguid)
  • BZ 1419520 Detaching all vms from a pool via REST API doesn’t remove the pool
  • BZ 1420302 Adding fence agent with type “invalid_type” succeeds
  • BZ 1422562 Return value of engine-vacuum on successful should be always 0
  • BZ 1421942 Update dashboards DWH views version and dashboards queries
  • BZ 1421962 [RFE] Add JMX support for jconsole
  • BZ 1416830 Search by tags generates wrong filter string in Users tab
  • BZ 1414430 Disable sparsify option for pre allocated disk
  • BZ 1422089 Missing exit code for post-copy migration failure
  • BZ 1399603 Import template from glance and export it to export domain will cause that it is impossible to import it
  • BZ 1417439 When adding lease using REST high availability should be enabled first
  • BZ 1421285 oVirt 4.1 update it_IT community translation
  • BZ 1421619 Command proceed to perform the next execution phase although execute() failed
  • BZ 1417903 Trying to download an image when it’s storage domain is in maintenance locks the image for good
  • BZ 1420821 style issues in block storage dialog
  • BZ 1420816 missing Interface column on Storage and Disks sub-tabs under Templates main-tab
  • BZ 1420812 DirectLUN dialog - missing label for ‘Use Host’ select-box
  • BZ 1419886 Upload image operations are available using the GUI when there is an active download of the image using the python sdk (for the image that is downloaded)
  • BZ 1412687 Awkward attempted login error
  • BZ 1419337 Random Generator setting did not saved after reboot
    Previously, if the RNG configuration was changed on a running VM, after restart of the VM the configuration was not properly restored.

    Please note that the fix takes effect only on VMs which have been restarted on the fixed version of the engine.
  • BZ 1414126 UI error on ‘wipe’ and ‘discard’ being mutually exclusive is unclear and appears too late
  • BZ 1416845 Can not add power management to the host, when the host has state ‘UP’
  • BZ 1379130 Unexpected client exception when glance server is not reachable
  • BZ 1419364 Fail to register an unregistered Template through REST due to an NPE when calling updateMaxMemorySize
  • BZ 1414083 User Name required for login on behalf
  • BZ 1414086 Remove redundant video cards when no graphics available for a VM and also add video cards if one graphics device exists
  • BZ 1347356 Pending Virtual Machine Changes -> minAllocatedMem issues
  • BZ 1416340 Change name of check box in Edit Virtual Disks window from Pass Discard to Enable Discard
  • BZ 1400500 If AvailableUpdatesFinder finds already running process it should not be ERROR level
  • BZ 1416837 Order VMs by Uptime doesn’t work
  • BZ 1416809 New HSM infrastructure - No QCow version displayed for images created with 4.0
  • BZ 1416147 Version 3 of the API doesn’t implement the ‘testconnectivity’ action of external providers
  • BZ 1415639 Some of the values are not considered as numbers by elasticsearch
  • BZ 1414084 uploaded images using the GUI have actual_size=0


  • BZ 1434304 [VDSM] Support HSM jobs on local storage
  • BZ 1425161 Vm disk corrupted after virt-sparsify fails due to connection failure
  • BZ 1426727 VM dies during live migration with CPU quotas enabled
  • BZ 1374545 Guest LVs created in ovirt raw volumes are auto activated on the hypervisor in RHEL 7
  • BZ 1418145 [RFE] VDSM Hook for use of local storage of host
  • BZ 1414323 Failed to add host to engine via bond+vlan configured by NM during anaconda
  • BZ 1368364 Reported Node version and release are incorrect - RHEL version should be reported
  • BZ 1419931 Failed to destroy partially-initialized VM with port mirroring
  • BZ 1408190 [RFE] Update timestamp format in vdsm log to timestamp with timezone
  • BZ 1412563 parse arp_ip_target with multiple ip properly
  • BZ 1410076 [SR-IOV] - in-guest bond with virtio+passthrough slave lose connectivity after hotunplug/hotplug of passthrough slave
  • BZ 1427444 post copy event handling triggered by any libvirt event
  • BZ 1412583 Multiple disconnect messages in VDSM log
  • BZ 1376116 Vdsm install “api” package in the python global namespace
  • BZ 1422087 wrong VMware OVA import capacity
  • BZ 1412550 Fix certificate validation for engine <-> VDSM encrypted connection when IPv6 is configured
  • BZ 1414626 Crash VM during migrating with error “Failed in MigrateBrokerVDS”
  • BZ 1419557 Switching to post-copy should catch exceptions
  • BZ 1417460 Failed to Amend Qcow volume on block SD due failure on Qemu-image
  • BZ 1417737 Cold Merge: Deprecate mergeSnapshots verb
  • BZ 1415803 Improve logging during live merge

oVirt Engine Extension AAA JDBC

  • BZ 1415704 Casting exception during group show by ovirt-aaa-jdbc tool

oVirt Hosted Engine Setup

  • BZ 1420283 Ensure that upgrading the engine vm from 3.6/el6 to 4.0/el7 is properly working once we release 4.1
  • BZ 1421654 hosted-engine –upgrade-appliance does not show correct the engine version
  • BZ 1411640 [HC] - Include gdeploy package in oVirt Node

oVirt Release Package

  • BZ 1418630 gluster firewalld service should be added to the default firewall zone
  • BZ 1419105 oVirt Node NG does not include vdsm-hook-vhostmd
  • BZ 1411640 [HC] - Include gdeploy package in oVirt Node

oVirt Cockpit Plugin

  • BZ 1415655 Arbiter flag should not be enabled by default in gdeploy wizard
  • BZ 1415657 Do not allow the user to proceed further if he does not fill mandatory fields required for deployment.
  • BZ 1421249 Cannot use cockpit for hosted-engine setup if gpg keys have not already been accepted
  • BZ 1363971 Appliance root password prompt popup in browser when entering the appliance password in cockpit
  • BZ 1416175 Remove the NTP server configuration from gdeploy
  • BZ 1416168 NetworkManager need not be stopped and disabled
  • BZ 1429287 Hint the user that the third node will be the Arbiter node, in case of arbiter volume creation
  • BZ 1430370 add ‘poolmetadatasize’ to thinpool in gdeploy config file
  • BZ 1430188 Remove step of installing appliance from generated gdeploy config file
  • BZ 1426527 Update the gluster volume options set via generated gdeploy config file
  • BZ 1415615 conditional flag for pool id is required in cockpit-ovirt gdeploy plugin.
  • BZ 1422935 Packages text should be left blank and update host should be left unchecked by default
  • BZ 1424766 Remove nrpe related configuration from gdeploy configuration
  • BZ 1421089 cockpit-ovirt fails to build due to missing webpack
  • BZ 1411315 Oops message displayed with an exclamation mark once user logs into cockpit UI
  • BZ 1416299 remove vdsm configuration from gdeploy config
  • BZ 1416435 Add units to represent size of disks and add a text near no.of disks for RAID to indicate what disks they are
  • BZ 1416428 Remove distribute and distribute-replicate from volume types combo box or replace the combo box with a label called ‘Replicate’

oVirt Engine Extension AAA LDAP

  • BZ 1420281 Ignore groups which can’t be resolved from non-working domain inside Active Directory multi-domain forrest
  • BZ 1420745 [aaa-ldap-setup] No validation on profile names when using config file
  • BZ 1408678 [aaa-ldap-setup] Duplicate profile names definitions on availableProfiles


  • BZ 1421699 imgbase base –of-layer fails with exception when base is provided.
  • BZ 1415026 Both imgbase status and node status are shown on the screen after upgrade
  • BZ 1417100 imgbased make distcheck fails
  • BZ 1427468 Upgrade from wrapper to wrapper failed (ConfigMigrationError)
  • BZ 1426151 Sshd.service could not work normally after upgrade
  • BZ 1426172 RHVH new build boot entry miss when upgrade from wrapper to wrapper

oVirt Host Deploy

  • BZ 1414265 has two decorations

oVirt Engine SDK 4 Java

  • BZ 1434334 [Java-SDK] VmsService.list doesn’t provide collection of VMs
  • BZ 1432423 Remove Update API for DiskService

oVirt Engine Dashboard

  • BZ 1421095 [fr_FR] [Admin Portal] Need to change a string on Dashboard tab (corrected in zanata)
  • BZ 1365929 tooltips in dashboard Utilization boxes move on page scroll
  • BZ 1369550 ovirt-engine dashboard - set status cards to same height when lines wrap
  • BZ 1362402 dashboard: make the date format of time-series graph in locale specific formats in the UTC time zone
  • BZ 1420400 Dashboard time zone should display current timezone instead of GMT
  • BZ 1392984 Status card content should not wrap
  • BZ 1415241 oVirt 4.1 translation cycle 1

oVirt Engine SDK 4 Python

  • BZ 1425731 APIv4: StorageDomainVmService.register should have reassign_bad_macs, not import_
  • BZ 1432416 Remove Update API for DiskService
  • BZ 1422979 tarball packaging issues -> pypi different data

oVirt Engine SDK 4 Ruby

  • BZ 1428642 version 4.1.3 - uninitialized constant OvirtSDK4::MigrationOptionsReader::AutoConverge


  • BZ 1404253 Get rid of dnf module import error in the logs

Bug fixes

oVirt Engine

  • BZ 1430009 VM based on a template fails to start with changed Video.
  • BZ 1430795 Automatically increase max memory if necessary in REST
  • BZ 1417582 Provide a warning dialog for add brick operation for the volume which backs gluster data domain
  • BZ 1424813 [UI] - Can’t make any changes in custom mode field after pressed on ‘OK’ button one time
  • BZ 1416459 Restore HE backup will fail if the HE SD has disks of non-HE VM’s
  • BZ 1382807 [UX] NUMA pinning dialog should prevent unsupported layout
  • BZ 1419924 cluster level 4.1 adds Random Generator to all VMs while it may not be presented by cluster
  • BZ 1421713 VM pinned to host is started on another host
  • BZ 1406243 Out of range CPU APIC ID
  • BZ 1388963 Unable to change vm Pool Configuration. Receive “Uncaught exception occurred. Please try reloading the page”.
  • BZ 1416893 Unable to undeploy hosted-engine host via UI.
  • BZ 1361223 [AAA] Missing principal name option for keytab usage on kerberos
  • BZ 1364132 Once the engine imports the hosted-engine VM we loose the console device
  • BZ 1425108 Hosted engine vm devices are not imported until engine restart
  • BZ 1317490 [engine-backend] Disks are alphabetically ordered instead of numerically, which causes the guest to see them this way (1,10,2..) instead of (1,2,10)
  • BZ 1401963 installed webadmin-portal-debuginfo is not updated by engine-setup and brokes the engine
  • BZ 1416748 punch iptables holes on OVN hosts during installation
  • BZ 1276670 [engine-clean] engine-cleanup doesn’t stop ovirt-vmconsole-proxy-sshd
  • BZ 1329893 UI: explain why we cannot change the logical network settings in the “Manage Networks” window
  • BZ 1416846 OVF of the hosted engine vm is not updated when there is a change in vm devices
  • BZ 1429437 REST API - qcow version does not update via path: / ovirt-engine/api/vms//diskattachments//</b>
  • BZ 1416466 Restore HE backup will fail if the HE host has running non-HE VM’s
  • BZ 1422374 The ‘VirtIO-SCSI Enabled’ isn’t enabled by default for new templates
  • BZ 1417935 VM to host affinity : conflict detection mechanism
  • BZ 1411844 Imported VMs have maxMemory too large
  • BZ 1273825 Template sorting by version is broken
  • BZ 1394687 DC gets non-responding when detaching inactive ISO domain
  • BZ 1323663 the path of storage domain is not trimmed/missing warning about invalid path
  • BZ 1417458 Cold Merge: Use volume generation


  • BZ 1341106 HA vms do not start after successful power-management.
  • BZ 1302020 [Host QoS] - Set maximum link share(‘ls’) value for all classes on the default class
  • BZ 1425233 Ensure that the HE 3.5 -> 3.6 upgrade procedure is still working if executed on 4.1 host with jsonrpc
  • BZ 1223538 VDSM reports “lvm vgs failed” warning when DC contains ISO domain
  • BZ 1403846 keep 3.6 in the supportedEngines reported by VDSM
  • BZ 1302358 File Storage domain export path does not support [IPv6]:/path input

oVirt Hosted Engine Setup

  • BZ 1401359 [Hosted-Engine] 3.5 HE SD upgrade fails if done on initial host
  • BZ 1288979 [HC] glusterd port was not opened, when automatically configuring firewall in hosted-engine setup
  • BZ 1400800 During upgrade to HE 4.0, check that HE storage domain is at 3.6 level
  • BZ 1417583 hosted-engine –get-shared-config should report a nice error not traceback when nonexistent key is used

oVirt Hosted Engine HA

  • BZ 1425233 Ensure that the HE 3.5 -> 3.6 upgrade procedure is still working if executed on 4.1 host with jsonrpc

oVirt Release Package

  • BZ 1429288 RHVH 4.0.7 cannot be up again in the side of RHEVM 4.0 after upgrade

oVirt Cockpit Plugin

  • BZ 1415651 provide an easy way for the user to redeploy in case deployment fails
  • BZ 1415195 change ‘yum update’ label to ‘Update Host’ and remove gpgcheck checkbox
  • BZ 1415665 Gdeploy setup window closes if focus outside modal dialog
  • BZ 1415989 engine volume brick should be created with thick LV
  • BZ 1415189 Give a valid message to the user when gdeploy is not installed in the system.
  • BZ 1428694 Create arbiter brick with recommended sufficient disk space
  • BZ 1426494 Remove ‘poolmetadatasize’ from gdeploy config file, so that gdeploy can manipulate the same
  • BZ 1427103 Registering to CDN credentials are missing with cockpit UI

oVirt Engine Extension AAA LDAP

  • BZ 1409827 [RFE] Add documentation how to remove LDAP provider configuration


  • BZ 1417534 unmodified configuration files should be updated during update.
  • BZ 1366549 imgbase rollback does not result in a rollback (no default boot entry change)
  • BZ 1333742 imgbased –version info is not consistent with imgbased rpm version
  • BZ 1429288 RHVH 4.0.7 cannot be up again in the side of RHEVM 4.0 after upgrade
  • BZ 1419535 Garbage collection of layers doesn’t work

oVirt Host Deploy

  • BZ 1412906 ovirt-engine can’t install legacy RHV-H in 3.6 Compatibility Mode
  • BZ 1381219 Remove udev rule for deadline elevator (from host deploy) - not needed in EL7 hosts.

oVirt Provider OVN

  • BZ 1416748 punch iptables holes on OVN hosts during installation

oVirt Engine DWH

  • BZ 1371111 update dwh heartbeat error message to alert only after it did not update for a minute