Browser Support

oVirt follows the Red Hat Customer Portal Browser Support Policy.

We recommend to use one of the recent versions of the following “evergreen” browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge

These are known as “evergreen” browsers because they automatically update themselves to the most recent available version.

Note: oVirt 4.3+ will not support Internet Explorer 11.


A console is a graphical window that allows you to view the start up screen, shut down screen, and desktop of a Virtual Machine, and to interact with that Virtual Machine in a similar way to a physical machine. In oVirt, the default application for opening a console to a virtual machine is Remote Viewer, which must be installed on the client machine (for example, the end user or administrator’s laptop). For Windows virtual machines, Remote Desktop Protocol is also available.

See Installing Console Components for installation instructions.

Browser based

There is also a browser-based console available. In the Console Options dialog for the Virtual Machine, select noVNC. See VNC Console Options for more information.