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CentOS Stream 9 support


Add support for CentOS Stream 9 to oVirt project


Current Status

  • Last updated: Mon Oct 04 2021 Sandro Bonazzola
  • Target release: oVirt 4.5.0
  • Status: in progress
  • Reference bugs:
    • Bug 1986335 - [RFE] Support hosts based on CentOS Stream 9
    • Bug 1990767 - [RFE] Support oVirt Engine on CentOS Stream 9

Detailed Description

  • [50 %] CI - Support building oVirt project packages on CentOS Stream 9.
    • Automation for builiding oVirt Node and its dependencies is in place.
    • Missing automation for building oVirt Engine and its dependencies.
  • [0 %] CI - Add automation for building and testing oVirt project packages on CentOS Stream 9.
  • [0 %] Engine: Support clusters with CentOS Stream 9 based hosts.
  • [90%] Host: provide oVirt Node based on CentOS Stream 9 and allow provisioning equivalent host based on CentOS Stream 9 or derivatives.
  • Not a goal for this feature but nice to have: oVirt Engine running on CentOS Stream 9 as well.



Due to the move from Ansible 2.9 to Ansible 2.11 the oVirt Hosted Engine Setup flow needs to be re-designed as Ansible 2.11 requires to be executed within a container.

Benefit to oVirt

oVirt will be able to run on top of CentOS Stream 9 and RHEL 9 once it will be available.

Entity Description

In CentOS Stream 9, RHEL 7 emulated machine are going to be unsupported. VDSM should report the host to be not compatible with cluster level < 4.4.


No CRUD operation needed in oVirt Engine.

User Experience

No UX change needed in oVirt Engine.


Both ovirt-engine host/appliance and ovirt-node/hosts will require full re-install when upgrading from CentOS Stream 8 or derivatives.

We are not considering in-place upgrade in this design.

Event Reporting

No event reporting updates needed.

Dependencies not provided by CentOS Stream 9 repositories are handled within CentOS Virtualization SIG or within a repository managed by oVirt project.

The ovirt-release-master package will provide the needed repository configuration.

On a plain CentOS Stream 9 system you can install the oVirt packages and their dependencies following the Install nightly snapshot guide.

Documentation & External references

  • CentOS Stream 9 is now available at


  • Running same testing previously executed on CentOS Stream 8 hosts.

Contingency Plan

If we can’t complete CentOS Stream 9 host support, packages won’t be shipped.

Release Notes

oVirt can now be deployed on CentOS Stream 9 and derivatives based hosts.

Open Issues

Newly-discovered issues will be tracked in bugzilla, as dependencies of the tracker Bugs:

  • Bug 1986335 - [RFE] Support hosts based on CentOS Stream 9
  • Bug 1990767 - [RFE] Support oVirt Engine on CentOS Stream 9