oVirt Quality Assurance

Welcome to the oVirt QA project page.

oVirt QA is the project that covers all testing of the software that makes up oVirt.

It’s our goal to continually improve the quality of oVirt releases and updates.


The Quality Assurance project is engaged in the following activities:

  • Testing of software as it is released into nightly, updates-testing, or as it appears in a supported public release
  • Developing and executing test plans and Test Cases to test important functionality in a systematic way, usually with multiple cooperating testers
  • Developing and running tools that use automation to find potential bugs ( )
  • Running test days to coordinate focused testing on a specific feature or component
  • Working with developers to maintain the release criteria, which are used to determine what bugs should be fixed before a release of oVirt is made
  • Verifying bugs fixed by oVirt developers
  • Triage oVirt bugs in Bugzilla and issues on GitHub. Request missing information, verify correct component has been chosen, and close duplicates.

Get Involved

We’re always eager to have new contributors to the QA project, no matter your experience level.

If you’d like to get involved with helping to make oVirt better, join oVirt Community

We’ve also created a user in bugzilla as default QA assignee: so if you want to be updated on QE bugs activity you can just add that user to your bugzilla account watch list:

Any email sent by bugzilla to that user will be also sent to you.


Everyone is welcome to join the #ovirt IRC channel, especially if you’re thinking of getting involved with QA and would like to ask some questions first.

You can also join oVirt users mailing list, where quality assurance-related topics are marked using [QE] in subject.

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