Users list

The users mailing list is the main place for getting help, asking questions, consulting about setup design/hardware/configuration/performance etc., and of course sharing your experience.

Getting help

TL;DR: When asking for help, please provide: what you did, versions of packages used, content of /var/log/*ovirt* and /var/log/vdsm/* . Thanks!

To post to this list, send your email to:

Please subscribe to the list prior to posting. Posts from non-subscribers enter a moderation queue.

When requesting help for fixing a problem, please provide enough information to help understand the issue at once - spending time asking for more information is not effective, for both you and the other subscribers:

  • The exact sequence of events/actions leading to the issue
  • Content of relevant log files. For the engine, this often includes /var/log/ovirt-engine/*, including subdirectories and all files within
  • Other /var/log/*ovirt* directories/files, as applicable (e.g. ovirt-engine-dwh for dwh-related issues)
  • /var/log/messages and the output of ‘journalctl’
  • The exact time the problem happened. Sometimes you can’t know that, but in others you do - you installed something, pressed some button, and got an error. In this case, if, before you pressed this button, you also pressed many other buttons and got many other error messages (and even if you did not), there are likely other errors in the logs, some of which are irrelevant - and noone wants to spend time analyzing them.
  • Versions of relevant packages - e.g. the output of: yum -q list installed centos-\*release\* centos-\*repos\* ovirt-release\* ovirt-engine redhat-release vdsm glusterfs.

Thank you!