Case studies

oVirt User Case Studies

We are collecting stories of oVirt users and how they are using the software. We have feedback and experiences from hosting companies, small business and educational institutions, and we are always looking to hear from our users! For more information on other prominent oVirt community members, see our Users and Providers page!

Florida State University RCC

Florida State University’s Research Computing Center (RCC) provides the university’s academic community with access to a virtual machine cluster. It is used for basic data services, collaborative applications, firewall installation, and other self-managed services.

In 2016, RCC successfully migrated their virtual machine cluster to oVirt. The oVirt-powered cluster is currently serving 60 users across 20 academic departments.

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Alter Way

Meet Alter Way, a French hosting company who deploys oVirt in production for their clients, because “it allowed us to scale up as well as scale out our client workloads”.

The main points which swayed their decision? “A very active community, an ambitious technical roadmap with regular releases, and the involvement of companies including Red Hat, Intel, NetApp, Cisco and IBM reassured us that the project would be around for the duration.”

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Brussels Airport Company

Find out how the Brussels Airport Company keeps a vital transportation and cargo center moving by managing their virtual machines with oVirt.

Faced with an opportunity to take the approximately 150 virtual machines housed on 30 Solaris machines and manage them with another virtual datacenter management tool, the Brussels Airport IT team went with oVirt running atop CentOS.

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it-novum is a company that’s very focused on delivering open source, so when they decided to build a product and solution set for their customers’ datacenter needs, it made sense that oVirt was included.

“RHEV and oVirt are the most advanced KVM management solutions and the only ones we found that were up to par with what VMware provides. Since oVirt is closer to the development process and the community is always helpful in solving problems, we decided to go with oVirt.”

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Judici offers the public litigant information, criminal and civil court information, case minutes, and calendar data for hearings, and is rolling out the capability to e-file cases online for 68 of Illinois’ 102 county courts. And it’s making this happen with completely open source software.

While few outside of Illinois may have heard of Judici, the project itself has been ground breaking. The project’s expansion and dedication to open source would soon lead it to better solutions, such as KVM, Gluster, and oVirt.

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Nieuwland Geo-Informatie

Dutch software development company Nieuwland Geo-Informatie creates mobile applications that need to tap into a lot of geographic information in a reliable and fast manner. To do this, they needed a virtualization solution that would have high availability at a reasonable cost.

“We didn’t want VMware. Too expensive. There was already a heavy investment in Linux, so switching to Microsoft HyperV was no option, either; too costly,” Beyond cost, live migration and an outstanding community were two other major reasons Nieuwland decided to go with oVirt.

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Nimbus Concept

Spanish software consultants Nimbus Concept has taken oVirt and other open source tools to deliver solutions to their customers, and now is offering something unique: OriginStack, an appliance that integrates hardware, virtualization (oVirt/KVM), private cloud (OpenStack), and support in one integrated package.

“For us, oVirt is a full solution to SME virtualization needs, and piece of open source software that integrates beautifully with the surrounding tools, without reinventing the wheel, but using existing pieces.”

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the Solution Company

When an hospital in Germany needed to renew their IT preparing to fight against COVID19 the Solution Company provided a solution based on oVirt making the entire IT a lot faster, easier and more reliable.

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When Xen-based virtualizations were no longer mirroring their needs, Shellrent started monitoring alternatives in March 2020, and the choice came to oVirt with Gluster FS: a flexible, reliable, powerful and competitive virtualization system.

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