This developer documentation isoutdated, but provides historical context.

It isnotuser documentation and should not be treated as such.

Documentation is available here.

Repository mirrors

Mirroring oVirt repositories

Do you want to become a mirror? Do you have some bandwidth to spare?

Drop us a line at infa and tell us about yourself! You just need to pass us a public ssh key, and once set up you’ll be able to rsync from our site with the following command:

   rsync -rltHvvP destination/dir

After some validation we will add your site to this page and to the mirrorlist!

Thanks a lot for your bandwidth!

For admins

We have a simple setup to allow mirroring of the oVirt repositories. Right now the mirroring is done through ssh with rsync. You’ll find in a user named mirror, that’s the user that the mirrors should use, you’ll see that it has a lot of entries under ~/.ssh/authorized_keys, there each entry is restricted to run only a specific command that allows them to rsync the repo directory.

Adding a mirror

To add a mirror you just need to add it’s public ssh key in ~mirror/.ssh/authorized_keys, with the command restriction as the other entries. Then when the mirror is confirmed you can add it to the mirrorlist ( and to this wiki.

Current mirrors

Name Location URLs Contact Other
NLUUG The Netherlands (Amsterdam) http ftp Syncing on all odd hours, bandwidth is currently 4 Gb/s and we do IPV4 and IPV6
Studenten Net Twente (SNT) The Netherlands http ftp ftpcom at  
Georgia Tech Software Library (GTlib) United States (Georgia) http ftp rsync service: <rsync://>
ibiblio United States (North Carolina) http ftp  
Rochester Institute of Technology United States (New York) http ftp  
Duke University United States (North Carolina) http  
Plus.line AG Germany (Frankfurt) http ftp rsync service: <rsync://>
Silesian University in Opava Czech Republic (Opava) http ftp jiri_slezka_at_slu_cz 1Gbps, IPv6 ready
ISOC-IL Israel http ftp mirrormaster_at_isoc_org_il  
NFrance Conseil France http network_at_nfrance_com